The real estate sector is a massive industry with annual revenues of billions of dollars. Despite recent events around the world, real estate markets have been holding strong and, in some areas, blooming. This scenario provides real estate brokers and investors with a fantastic opportunity to profit and expand their enterprises. However, with this in mind, the level of competitiveness in this industry has skyrocketed. Due to the fierce competition, real estate companies must find new ideas and better deals for their offerings.

The only thing left to do is consider creative possibilities for promoting real estate listings and establishing an online presence for themselves. Thus, video content is the best medium to achieve better and enhanced real estate marketing. Explainer videos are used in most of the successful video marketing strategies since they convert better than text and improve the overall user experience.

In the real estate business, persuading potential buyers or clients that your deals or products are the best they can get can be a tardy and time-consuming task. In these scenarios, you can always rely on a well-crafted explainer video to make an impression worth considering. And for this, you can use a real estate animation video maker for better results.

What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are mostly graphic work created to meticulously demonstrate the details of various real estate components. If you own several properties and are seeking the correct clientele, your explainer film can help you illustrate these properties and give a detailed look at the regions you wish to highlight.

An explainer video takes a lot of time and effort to create since it must convey the right ideas and be appealing enough to entice buyers to purchase these real estate assets. These videos fulfill the most crucial role in a video marketing strategy and if done properly, they can assist in attracting the ideal traffic, which can then convert to leads and generate a lot of business.

Benefits of Explainer Videos in Real Estate Business

After you’ve figured out what an explainer video is, you’ll want to know what the video’s key benefits are. The benefit of animated explainer video content is that it can be customized to meet any business or niche. Explainer videos can be used in real estate marketing by brokers and investors to present listings, clarify property purchasing procedures, and address other complicated issues in their profession.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of creating explainer videos for your real estate company.

  1. Stand Apart

Take a look at all of the different people who work in the real estate industry, and you’ll notice that many of them are struggling in terms of marketing. This is where a good explainer video can come to the rescue.

When your explainer video contains the appropriate 2D and 3D animation, it will assist you in effectively explaining your point. Explainer videos, without a doubt, are one of the best methods to set yourself apart from the competitors in the real estate business.

A fantastic explainer video with the correct animation, graphics, and text overlay can make all the difference. It will provide something for your customers to hang onto and be impressed with.

  1. Builds Trust

Trust is crucial in real estate. People only buy or rent a new property a few times throughout their lives, so a house isn’t your typical regular purchase. It’s natural for buyers to be hesitant about choosing you as their real estate agent or firm at first.

Explainer videos can help you change and overcome that doubt. These are the best medium to explain the benefits and advantages of your services over others and convince the client throughout the process on why they should trust you.

Try to present your properties precisely in your videos and instill trust in your business by providing unique recommendations and insights that will be useful to your viewers. Earning the trust of your potential consumers and offering solid proof of the value they will receive from your services will help them trust you and use your services.

  1. Easy to Explain Benefits

Word of mouth isn’t always the best way to communicate. Explainer videos eliminate the need for guesswork when it comes to explaining a product or service. You can focus on the specifics of how things will develop and how clients will benefit with an explainer video.

Explainer videos give you the ability to convey and transfer the required information in an effective manner that is both compelling and concise.

It is especially important in real estate, where visuals are essential for communicating and delivering a story. Use your explainer video to show details about your property while keeping it brief and to the point, stressing only the property’s most significant features and facilities.

  1. Easy to Illustrate

2D and 3D animation can make illustrating your ideas to clients a lot easier. You should be willing to go through the details with your customers. A well-elaborated explainer video with good 2D and 3D animation can help explain your work, properties, and other insights a lot better.

You can leave a good impression on the client with an explainer video having good illustrations. It gives your potential client a good reason to pick you over others. Explainer videos ensure that the clients understand all the aspects of what is apt for them.

Therefore, you need to craft an eye-catching and attention-grabbing real estate animation video that the client wouldn’t stop applauding. It will also help you increase engagement since illustrations can be entertaining and have the potential to keep the client hooked and focused on the content.


Explainer videos, without a doubt, are best for real estate marketing. In the real estate industry, explainer videos can be used for a variety of purposes. Above all, you’ll be able to leave a lasting impression on viewers and increase conversion rates to stay ahead of the competition.

While the advantages are obvious, the road to explainer video success can be difficult, and such a vital tool is best left to the professionals. If you wish to choose a simpler and more efficient path, you can use tools that have proven to be extremely effective when it comes to making informative videos without much video editing skill or knowledge.

The world of marketing is constantly evolving. What worked in the past may not be effective now – and if you never update your methods and tools, the chances are good that you’re missing out on opportunities to engage your audience and grow your business.

Since we’re at the beginning of a new year, this is the perfect time to update your marketing toolbox and add some new tools to the mix. Read more

Everyone uses the Internet and this is why people are taking advantage of the benefits they can get from the world of Internet. Whether you are a business owner or you are a customer, the Internet is still helpful to you.  Aside from all of the social media platforms and networks, there are websites that are useful to both the customers and the business owners.  When you are buying an item in an online business, you would prefer to know some information about the product and what it does to the people who have used the product already. Yes, it is a lot easier to purchase products online, but it is also important that you gather more information about the seller or the product. This is where Social Proof comes in.

How Social Proof Can Help Your Website

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is the part of the Internet world where users can help each other, especially if same Internet users patronize the product. Social proof is a way to provide feedback to any product available in the market. Social proof is a way to give reviews on any online business after you have tried the company’s product. This can be both in a positive and negative way.  If you look on or, almost all companies that you can find already have their feedback. It helps decrease the risk that a customer might take when purchasing a product.

Why do you need Social Proof?

 If a company receives reviews, then it will be more easier for you to decide whether you would like to proceed in purchasing the item or not. You will be able to feel more comfortable in buying the item because you were able to read other users feedback.

Reasons on why you should make use of Social Proof  

Social proof is a user generated content. It would be best to invite your customers to like and be part of your product’s story. This is where the users make their comments public and available to other users. A user generated content can include photographs, videos, articles, blogs and online reviews. The information they provided can be shared on Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If your company receives a feedback about any of your products, then their testimonies can help you gather prospects and convert those prospects into customers. Your business can establish its name. As you receive more positive social proof through testimonials, then your chances for endorsement can also go higher.

If you want to know more about social proof, then you should keep reading our website.

What is a social media agency? Does a business need it? Why does a business need a social media agency to help them succeed? What does a social media agency do? A social media agency is the one who provides an effective social media actions using the different social media platforms that your customers or prospects tend to use such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. There are many reasons as to why a business needs a social media agency.Social-Media-Marketing-300x225

Nowadays, the use of Social Media is a very effective tool to acquire clients and reach the target audience, especially when it comes to reaching prospects and communicating with your consumers. It keeps you updated on what the people want to have and what they use and do every now and then. Social media helps you build links which supports SEO, as well. A lot of people are using social media platforms to keep them updated with the use of the platforms news feed.

Everyone have been using it already, so are you ready for the fast paced world of social media? Do you think you need help on your social media agency for your marketing? Here are some reasons on why you need to hire a social media agency for your business:

The Business Marketing

One of the most important benefit of hiring a social media agency is the marketing of your business. The social media agency is the one who looks into promoting the business’ products. They keep your customers informed with whats hot and new on your products at all times.

social mediaThe Brand Promotion

Brand promotion is the number one concern of all social media agencies. Hiring a social media agency is the most effective way to promote your brand across the world with the use of all social media channels.

Achieving the Goals

Social media agencies aim to help a business effectively promote its brands across the different social media platforms in less time. This helps the business save time, money and effort and lets the company focus on other important things like their current clients and doing what they do best and leaving what they do not do expertly to the social media experts.

The social media agencies are trained on what they should and what they should not share on social media channels. They help and include promoting practical doings, emotional touches, products and services. This is why you do not need to worry when engaging your confidential information with these social media agencies.

When you have your own business, you would always want to reach potential clients. Social Media is very useful when it comes to communicating with your friends, family and even customers. Do you often wonder how to use social media to drive traffic to your website?


Social Media  is one of the best tools that we have right now and it is available for everyone. So, do you want to know how to use social media to drive traffic to your website?

Here are some tips on how to use social media to drive traffic to your website from us!

Using Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Website

First is to use be on the right social media platforms. If you want to make use of social media effectively, you need to be on the social media platforms that they are using. This will give you a chance to find them online and connect with them. Know where your potential target audience are and use that social media account effectively.

Second step is to make the people want to know more about you. It is easy to post status and follow your customers online, but how can you engage with them? Honestly, you can not just throw them messages and hope that you can be lucky to catch them at a good time. The trick is you need to get involved with them and with what they share online.

You should know how to speak with them or let them speak for you. Let them become a part of your brand such as posting the photos of your customers on your wall, sharing that they have purchased or used your product, so they would feel appreciated and they would know that you are reaching out to them, as well.

Third is to be real and let people relate to you. Let your customers see your real personality, share them your ideas, experience and values in life. As we all know, everyone can relate to each other in different ways. Let them feel that you can be a friend and not just a business partner or owner.

You can do this by simply sharing your company’s story or your own experience while putting up the business. Lastly, is to deliver on your promises. There will never be a magic potion to getting people like and love you in the world of social media.

Your brand needs to have values and that that is to give the customers what you have promised. At the end of the day, you will know if you are satisfied with how you use social media to work with your customers if you feel that you have followed these steps.

social proofAre you a business owner? Are you struggling to get conversions on your order pages? You know that social proof is important. So, how can you add social proof to your landing pages? This article will show you exactly how you can get boat loads of social proof on your landing pages.

What Is Social Proof?

Social proof refers to the number of positive influence gained when a person finds out that others are doing something. An example is when you see a  long line outside a restaurant and assume that the restaurant is really great because it’s with high demand. The same goes when many customers choose which movie to see based on its score on or Rotten Tomatoes.

5 Ways to Use Social Proof on Your Landing Pages

1) Customer Testimonials       

Short messages from your happy customers can do great wonders for your conversion rate, and it’s no surprise that this is one of the more common uses of social proof on landing pages and homepages alike. You can post these messages as a quote and locate them below the form or under the image on your landing page, and boost credibility by including a photo, name, company, and job title along with their proof

2) Case Studies

If you want to take your customer testimonials a step further, link those short quotes on your landing page to case studies. It’s great to have testimonials of clients and post them on your website, so people won’t have a hard time in realising your legit.

social proof on landing pages

3) Number of Shares

Social sharing buttons showing the number of shares for example, is the blogs about twitter, or Facebook, when people like the article, the number of shares goes up and this is a great form of social proof. If a person sees that a landing page was shared a lot on social, it gives it more credibility.

social shares


4) Embedded Social Media Posts

Another great source of a social proof is within social media. Monitor your social media activity and presence regularly to find Facebook, tweets, posts or status, Instagram posts, and so on that will positively reflect on your brand. On Twitter, you can track, retweet the mentions of your offers, products/services, or company with a third-party tool like Social Inbox.

embedding your social media posts on a landing page

5) The Number of Users and Downloads

Showing how many people were able to use or have downloaded the offer is a new form of social proof. For example, when McDonald’s displaying their signs and boasting “Billions and Billions Served.”

social media examiner social proof

A great email opt in form on the Social Media Examiner Website


Bonus: Other Ways to Gain Trust On Your Landing Pages

1) Trust Seals

Trust seals refers to the symbols that helps reassure website visitors that the sensitive information locked in their viewers is secured with the company they’re sharing it to

In theory, people will feel better about sharing and filling out your forms with their information if you use a trust seal however, that’s not the same for all companies.

trust seals for social proof

2) Privacy Policy

Sometimes, people are hesitating to convert a landing page unless you tell everything out that one wont be sharing their personal or business information. One or two sentences about the use and collection of their information can do the trick. You can link to your privacy policy in the form and make sure the link given opens up a new tab so they aren’t directed away from the landing page. Like with trust seals, privacy policies are something you’ll have to experiment with to see what works with your audience.

We get the question all the time of what size an image should be for a particular purpose on a particular social network.  The folks over at LunaMetrics have made a very cool infographic to use as a Social Media Image Cheat Sheet that details the major networks and what the image sizes are.

As with anything tech, these can go out of date quickly so be sure to double check that your images look proper after you upload them to any social networks. Read more

While statistics show that some 85% of small businesses are using social media, especially Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +, those statistics say nothing about active engaging pages. Unfortunately the majority of business owners have no idea how to engage with their fan base, and most have no idea how to grow their fan base, other than by inviting their friend’s list from personal pages. Read more

I am often asked which Social Media network is best and where should I spend my energy.

Which is better Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or should I be looking at Blogging, YouTube or even Google+.  There is no right or wrong answer to this question it will depend upon what you are trying to achieve for your business.

For example Twitter is best used to follow the conversation about your brand.  It is simple to keep track of what people are saying about you and your business, and for you to enter the conversation to enhance your standing and reputation. Read more