Hidden World Playground Fitzgibbon

Hidden World Playground Fitzgibbon QLD

A popular recreational destination for families, Hidden World Playground Fitzgibban is well-serviced with toilets, Wi-Fi, shaded grassy areas and a shelter. Visitors must have a key to enter and exit the site. It is located at 411 Roghan Rd, Fitzgibbon QLD 4018. The park also requires visitors to lock up the gates after leaving the play area. Hidden World Playground Fitzgibbon is an ideal spot for families to spend the day. More

Hidden World Playground

A colourful playground with a variety of play equipment awaits you at Hidden World Playground Fitzgibbon, just a short drive from the city. Its sheltered picnic tables, accessible toilets, and coffee cart all make it an ideal destination for kids and families. Whether it’s a family outing or a birthday party, Hidden World Playground is the perfect destination for your next event.


The Hidden World Playground in Fitzgibbon is a popular recreational destination for children and families. It is well-served with public amenities such as toilets, Wi-Fi, picnic tables, and shaded grassy areas. The park has an on-site coffee cart, as well as parking for buses and cars. The park is located on a dead-end road, so it is generally safe.


The Hidden World Playground in Fitzgibbon, QLD, is a popular playground for kids and families. The playground is well-maintained and serviced with public amenities, including toilets, Wi-Fi, picnic shelters, and shaded grassy areas. A key is required for entry and exit. Hidden World Playground has toilets and a coffee cart.


The Hidden World Playground is one of the most popular playgrounds in Fitzgibbon, QLD. Located on Roughan Road, this playground is well-equipped with slides, swings, climbing walls, and disabled wheelchair carousel. There are also plenty of shaded areas, restrooms, and a fully fenced dog park. It is also dog-friendly, so you can enjoy your day with your pet on leash!

‘Decipher the Hidden Code’ challenge for older kids

This park in Fitzgibbon has a fictitious backstory and a ‘Decipher the Hidden Code’ puzzle for older kids. There are plaques hidden around the playground that say that this was a prehistoric habitat for sentient marsupial mice. The code is written on signs hidden all over the park. Older kids can decipher the message by following the instructions on the signs.

‘Giant sandworms’ theme

Located in the outer northern suburbs of Brisbane, the Hidden World Playground features a sandbox, play forts, and rainbow coloured huts. The playground is named after the giant sandworms that were found in 1998 by a Year Nine class. The playground’s backstory was written by local artist Russell Anderson. Continue reading about Jetty 2 Jetty Kippa-Ring