Spider Hill Lookout Chermside West

Spider Hill Lookout in Chermside West QLD

There are many different things to see and do around Chermside, and the Spider Hill Lookout is certainly a must-see. The reserve contains over 200 species of native plants, 115 species of birds, and many species of reptiles. It is also the perfect place to catch a sunset.it is located at 412 Trouts Rd, Chermside West QLD 4032. To get the most out of your visit, you should plan your stay in the area in advance to ensure that you have enough time to enjoy the natural surroundings. Check this out

Giwadha track

For a scenic 2km circuit walk, the Giwadha track is well-signposted. It features boardwalks and little bridges along the way, and has a single lookout at Spider Hill. The walk starts at the intersection, then heads north past Cabbage Tree Creek and climbs up the hill. From the lookout, you can enjoy filtered views of Moreton Bay.

Stringybark track

Located 12 kilometres northwest of Brisbane, the Chermside Hills Reserves are home to 129 hectares of bushland. The area is home to 200 species of native plants, including the Stringybark. The trails provide different experiences for hikers, and there are accessible walking tracks throughout the area. The track is a great place to spot wildlife, including red-backed wrens, forest kingfishers and bush pigeons.

Chermside Hill

You can visit Spider Hill Lookout in Chermside West to experience the beauty of nature. You can hike or bike through the heathland, and you will see over 115 bird species. In addition to the beautiful views, the reserve is home to swamp wallabies and native reptiles. The reserve is home to numerous bushwalking trails that you can explore, and you can also view some of the reserve’s wildlife.

Woody Point

If you’re in the mood for some spectacular photos, head to Woody Point, located half an hour south of Chermside. Located on the Queensland Coastline, the location is rich in history. Home to the HMQS Gayundah, the wreck of the ill-fated ship was an Australian warship for many years, patrolling the coast for mines. Interestingly, the Gayundah was also the first warship in Australia to implement ship-to-shore wireless telegraphy. The relics of the wreck can still be explored on the beach, though a competitive spirit is required.


You can enjoy a fantastic birdwatching experience at Spider Hill Lookout Chermside West Queensland. This scenic location boasts 115 species of bird. There are also other wildlife to be found here, including swamp wallabies, flying foxes, possums, and gliders. There are also sheltered picnic tables and electric barbeques to use. The rainforest area, off Trouts Road, is another popular spot for birdwatching.

Water park

The Giwadha track winds its way through the rainforest, past the Mountains to Mangrove playground and over little boardwalks. The trail also has a lookout at the top of Spider Hill. From here, you can enjoy the filtered view of Moreton Bay. The trail is accessible from Trouts Road and can be done in a clockwise direction. After completing the circuit, you can return via the Giwadha track and signata track. There is also a 900m long, winding trail that offers spectacular views of the mountains and Moreton Bay.

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