Woody Point Jetty Woody Point

The historic Woody Point Jetty located in Redcliffe Peninsula is a popular fishing spot for locals and visitors alike. With room for novice and experienced fisherman alike, there’s always a good catch to be had here. Originally constructed in the 1880s, the jetty has seen its share of upgrades and renovations over the years. Its proximity to the Belvedere Hotel makes it a favorite with locals.

For a more active lifestyle, take a walk along the jetty. It’s about 3.6 miles long and involves approximately 8,000 steps. The trail’s elevation gain is about 23 feet, making it rated as easy. It’s possible to download the Pacer App and discover the best walking trails in and around Woody Point. You can also check out the area’s early childhood development program.

When it comes to sunrise and sunset, Woody Point Jetty is the place to be. Located on the southern tip of the Redcliffe Peninsula, it is a popular spot for swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing. During the whale season, you can even join whale watching cruises from Redcliffe Jetty. If you’re not into jetty-hopping, you can also visit Woody Point’s nearby beaches.

The Woody Point Waterfront is home to Seafood Town, a popular local seafood market that boasts a scenic view of Moreton Bay and the Stradbroke Islands. Local seafood is easily accessible here, thanks to its direct access to fishermen. You can also sample 100’s of different seafood products here each day. You’ll surely love this place! You’ll be glad you did. More great places to visit

The Redcliffe Pier is the area’s most popular landmark, and is where the Visitor Information Centre is located. Built in 1885, the pier is the departure point for certain whale-watching expeditions. At low tide, you can walk around the wreck to observe it from above. Be careful though – there are some rusted parts on the jetty that you shouldn’t step on – if you do, you’ll get injured.

The main jetty in the town center is a popular destination for scuba divers. There are several dive boats departing to the Moreton Bay area, and you can watch them from the shore. This is a popular place to watch a sunrise or sunset. If you’re a fan of sailing, you might also want to check out the nearby jetty. It’s an excellent place to go for a morning stroll.

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